Sunday, September 06, 2009

Soros thinks the next boom should be in alternative energy

On a totally random note, here's an interesting clip with George Soros. He says that America's late 90s/early 00s bubble (the one that just exploded) was the result of Americans consuming more than they produced (made possible by very easy-to-get credit). To climb out of that hole, Soros says that America needs to get on top of alternative energy--investing into research, technology, etc.

His ideas are hardly new--you might want to check out what folks like Paul Krugman and Tom Friedman of the New York Times say about green energy and the future of economy--but when a bazillionaire like Soros talks about alternative energy, it's pretty important. (Because it means that doing nice things for the planet isn't just about tree-hugging, recycling, vegetarian hippies anymore...)

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