Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I go to check the mail today and find that this envelope had been stuffed into our very small box. That's right, owning a mail scale and using stamps is now officially suspicious behavior that might be precursor to acts of security threat to the nation.

Indeed, Dad was only sending the package a distance of a couple of miles, but one would think that if the post office had made the effort of receiving it, putting this annoying label on it, and then sending it back to us, surely someone there could have shaken it and held it up to the light long enough to realize that it wasn't explosive squibs of anthrax dust, but merely a hefty, though innocuous multi-page document (tax forms, actually, for one of his clients).

So now I have to take this damned thing back to the post office so they can shake it and hold it up to the light in front of me, perhaps at the same time analyzing my face for nervous twitches and breath holding, just so we can have it sent it up the road.

God, bless America!


Anonymous said...

I hate the post office. Are you still at Kahakai? I'll be there next Friday. Maybe I'll bring you an apple. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, it's me...Angie

Maile said...

Hey Angie!

No longer at Kahakai. Couldn't work out a doable schedule... Working p/t now at Kealakehe Intermediate, teaching Chinese!

Drop me a line some time. We should meet up!

Be good!