Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK. So, I royally destroyed my old template in attempt to remove that annoying AdSense strip (I suppose I put up in the first place thinking I could make a bit of cash, but after more than three years, and at the cost of that huge gap on my blog, all I made was about $5.36) and to remedy that, I had to choose a new layout. What do you think?

I spent far more time than I will admit to trying to recover old links and page elements, and at the same time, I updated a few things, and added a couple of new buttons.

So there you have it. A new and improved (though I miss the ol' skool olive drab) Monkeyprints!

PS - I am generally disappointed with the lack of comments left on my site (does anyone else remember when I used to get a mighty 5 or 6 per entry?!), so it would make me very, very happy if you would participate in the poll on the sidebar. Please.


baron said...

If you're going to do ads I'd suggest using ads as they have a cookie that will allow ads to show which are linked to what the blog view has looked at on, you just need to join Amazon Associates. Also if you ever want to buy something from Amazon just put the ad on your site, then use that link to buy, voila, automatic discount since you get a commission on the sale.

baron said...

Comment #2. The blog looks much better without that big gap. :)

Anonymous said...


The ads were all about toilets !

New look is good, had to check if I had link wrong.