Thursday, August 28, 2008

So here's something I know about news production: When someone chooses a photo to be put in a newspaper or on a Web site, they generally choose from a series provided by a photographer, or a newswire, such as the Associated Press. Generally speaking, the person doing the choosing must choose the best photo from a particular series--one that fits the story well and does justice to the subject (for example, you'd probably choose an image of a politician smiling over an image of the same person mid-yawn, or if it's a lady figure, you might choose a photo that didn't accentuate a double-chin, etc.).

Take a look at this photo from the New York Times today. Can you imagine what the OTHER photos in the series must have looked like?!

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Leilani said...

They probably just listened to some of the speeches at the DNC, streamlined in tiny ear pieces.