Saturday, March 04, 2006

Just a quickie to let those who care that I am still alive...

I am up to the creases (those would be the ugly kind that old people get on their foreheads when they work, worry and glare too much) in homework for school. (Yes, this post is yet another exercise in avoidance.) I decided not to return to the Korean school this semester, and now I am working freelance (four students, 16 hours per week), and part-time for the British Council as an IELTS (British TOEFL) examiner. (How many pairs of parentheses can I use in one paragraph?)

Also, I got some interesting comments from a reader (I have readers?!) concerning my political stance and I would like to reply. A proper reply would take more time and effort than what I can afford now, however I would like to say: this little girl is a hell of a lot more complicated than just "left" and "right." For sure, I lean to the left. I'm a pacifist, I believe the government is obligated to its people, I believe in the international community, I won't go into a McDonald's except to take advantage of their immaculately maintained toilets (something to think about in China) and I think rich people, by virtue, are suspect.

But at the same time, I really cannot tolerate the American "left" at the moment. Look at it. Listless. Sure, it's easy to blame the "right." But they're just doing what they do best: making money, finding reasons for war, fearing god, looking after the white folk, saving the family...and so on. But let's take a look at the "left." My people. Bunch of slackers. Too busy whining about globalization to pick up an economics book and plot out a system that WILL work (you know what I'm talking about!) And come on. Why haven't we been able to get behind anyone better than a potato-faced piece of cardboard with less charisma than a wet sock? Is that really the best we can do?

Point being, thanks for the comments and sorry for my lack of diversity in presentation (however, recognize this is not a political blog--the topic comes up every now and then, as I like to let it rattle around a bit while I'm avoid more pressing and relevant responsibilities).

P.S. One more thing. I cannot stand hippies.

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