Saturday, March 27, 2004

No, this isn't a proper post. I have just been assigned an additional 12 hours a week of classes and I'm beat. I will post something soon, but until then, here are some funny things my students have done or taught me.

1. Britney Spears is fat.
2. Eating in the wind will make you sick. This is because the cold air sneaks into your lungs when you open your mouth to take a bite.
3. The Chinese don't learn to swim because they are afraid of drowning.
4. In class we had a discussion game. The students chose ten people (famous and otherwise) to be in a hot air balloon together. The balloon suffers and tear and the students must choose who gets thrown out in what order. In one class the final decision came down to me and Chairman Mao. None of the students could bring themselves to voting me out of the balloon, but only three openly said that I should live instead of Mao. Feeling their tension, I sacrificed myself. I did win out over Bill Gates, Michael Jordan and Thomas Edison, however.
5. Clothing in China doesn't "fit;" clothing is "suitable."
6. "Famous" is pronounced "fay-murs," because the dictionary says so (Chinese-English dictionaries really do say so).
7. KFC is gourmet dining.
8. Whitney Houston is admirable because she had to "overcome the people looking down on her because is black."
9. If someone was born June 18, 1982, they are 23 years old. At birth, the Chinese are one-year-old, and another year is added at the new year (though not on the birth date). This makes me 25.
10. Although most of my students cannot differentiate "it" and "eat," all of them know the difference between "shit" and "sheet."

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